Rules & Bylaws


Pocono Tavern Pool League
By Laws

*As voted on by captains attending the pre-season meeting on 9/11/17*

*The Board will consist of the following positions; President, Vice President, Treasurer and Statistician (last two positions may be combined for league efficiency.)
*All officers will be elected by vote.  Each team will get one vote per board position. 
*President will appoint all committees. To serve on any committee you must be an active player, in good standing.  To serve on the grievance committee, you must also have at least 5 years of league membership.
*The statistician will receive a fee of $250.00 per year. All officers will have their dues awarded for their service. 

*All  league members and sponsors are welcome to all meetings. Each team will have ONLY ONE vote on any issue.
*All captains will be notified by phone or email of meetings.
It will be the responsibility of the captain or representative of the team to get meeting information back to team members.
*It will be up to any team not represented at a meeting to contact the board to find out what happened.
* The President is in charge of all meetings.  He/she must recognize anyone wishing to speak.  Anyone becoming unruly at a meeting will be warned once.  Should the behavior continue, and member need to be spoken to a second time, it may result in disciplinary action or possible ejection from the league.

Fees and Dues
*Sponsor fees-$75.00 per team, to be paid prior to start of season by sponsoring bar.
 *Player fees-$50.00 per person, payable NO LATER than week 4.  Discounted to $45 if paid within the first 2 weeks of the season.
*A banquet reservation of $20.00 per person may be collected (collection time to be announced). Fee will be refunded if you attend. This fee may be waived.
*All festivities are free to league members, guest will be charged (charge to be announced) guest fees are non-refundable.  
*All fees are to be paid by check or money order, made out to the Pocono Tavern Pool League (PTPL).  The league WILL NOT be responsible for lost cash.
* Any sponsor also shooting in league will have their dues reemitted to them (1 per bar).

*Either team captain has the option of canceling due to snow, ice, or any unforeseen emergency.  
*All cancellations must be completed by 6pm the night of the match. 
*If the match is canceled, both captains are responsible for notifying the President or Vice President that the cancellation has occurred.
*If one captain cannot be reached, the Board will try to contact another team member. 
*All matches must be made up prior to the final 2 weeks of regular session play. 
*Any team can do a makeup earlier if they wish, but must make sure the President or Vice President is notified. 
*Any matches not made up will result in a split of 7 ½  points to each team. 
*Home captain must notify place of play match has been canceled and when they wish to make up match.

*In the event of a full team forfeit, the team that shows up will receive 15 points.
*The first time a team forfeits, they will receive 0 points, and any subsequent forfeitures may result in an ejection from the league.  
* If a team misses two (2) weeks, and they are ejected from league during the first half of play, all points will be null and void.  
*If a team drops on their own accord, all points earned/lost by their opponents will remain. This included team and individual points.
*All forfeit points will apply to team average, ONLY!

*All grievances must be handed to a board member with score sheet by  9pm, the Wednesday evening following the match in which the grievance occurred. 
* A $20.00 filing fee must be submitted along with the grievance and will be returned to the team that filed, should they win.
* The committee will act on the grievance and  set a meeting time at a neutral bar to hear it. 
*If only one team shows up to the meeting, that team will win the grievance. 
*The committee will now consist of the board and 5 members in good standing, randomly chosen from teams (note: only players with 5yrs or more in the league are eligible).
*Anyone ejected from a bar at a league match will be held accountable to the grievance committee which will impose a fitting penalty. This penalty may include forfeiture of any other games he/she played that night, suspension from or ejection from league, or any other punishment the committee feels is fitting.
*In addition, the team captain is responsible for any actions of un-sportsman like conduct such as foul language, sign language, heckling, ball or stick throwing, etc...  The captain and the un-sportsman like teammate may be brought before the Grievance Committee for reprimand or other fitting penalty(ies).
*Anything not covered in by-laws will be handled by board and grievance committee

Rosters and Hardships    
*There will be no unauthorized changes to any roster after the 45th day of the season, unless approved by the Executive Committee which is comprised of the Board and the Grievance Committee.
 *Any player eliminated from roster forfeits his/her fees and is not entitled to participate in any league functions
*Any roster changes due to hardship throughout the year must be approved by the Executive Committee.
*Any new players must pay their dues the first night they shoot or games will not count.
*Any shooter on a roster in the beginning of the season may not join another team throughout season, unless a hardship is determined.
*The roster will consist of a minimum of 5 shooters and a maximum of 10. 
*Paid dues CAN NOT be transferred to another player.
*A hardship case will consist of 5 or fewer players. 
*To add a new player under the hardship rules you must notify board of hardship. They will then review your situation and determine whether you can add a player or players.
 *No new players will be added 7 weeks prior to playoffs, though special situations may be presented to the board for consideration.
*A player may shoot no more than one (1) game per set and no more than three (3) games per night.

Score Sheets
*Both home and away teams are responsible for turning in their score sheets no later than 9pm the Wednesday night following the match. 
*There will be a drop off point at DOCS LOUNGE.
*You may also email the score sheet to Michael Schatz @ or text a picture to 570-350-0101 or Faxed to 570-851-3184
*Teams will receive one (1) bonus point if paperwork is turned in on time, which will go towards the team average. Remember: Your team average determines your playoff position.

In the event of a tie for the Division title, it will be decided by the following 
          (a) Best combined record when teams played each other during the regular season
          (b) A 15 game playoff
*  Each player must have played at least 1/3 (to be determined by schedule) of the total regular season games to be eligible for playoffs, though special situations may be presented to the board for consideration.

Prizes and Awards
*To qualify for individual awards, a shooter must have shot at least 1/2 (to be determined by schedule) of the regular season games.
*Individual awards will consist of the following:
            League High Average (M/F)
            Most Break and Runs (M/F)
            Most Runs (M/F)
            Most 8s on the Break (M/F)-must have at least 2
*Additional awards/recognition may also be considered.

*Any rule changes after the start of the season will be discussed and voted on by the Board and league captains.

Pocono Tavern Pool League
Game Rules
*As voted on by captains attending the pre-season meeting on 9/11/17*

General Rules
* Bar size tables are required to play both 7 1/2x31/2 and 8x4 are allowed
* No team will be able to change playing balls during night of play.  Balls used for practice shall be balls used for play!  Teams MUST use “standard” cue balls for play (ie, no spotted or oversized cue ball).

Prior to Start of Match
*Starting time for all matches will be 7:30pm, with a grace period of 15 minutes, if needed. 
*A minimum of 3 players is required by 7:45pm. Less than 3 will result in forfeiture of first set. Less than 3 by 8pm will result in forfeiture of all 15 points for night.
*Captains: All players should be listed on the score pad, prior to that start of play.
*The home team will make the table available to the visiting team for practice from 7:15pm-7:30pm. 
* Players will each pay $.25 cents per game regardless of price. Sponsor bar will make up difference if more than $.50 cents.

Qualified Shooters
*A team will lose all 15 points if any shooter is used who is not approved by the by-laws. 
*Any member of one team may request identification from any other player on opposing team.
* All players must be 21 prior to start of season.

Line Up
* Each set will consist of 5 games.  And there will be 3 sets , total (15 matches).
* Any close shots will be watched by both captains or a neutral party.
* First set of play will begin with the home team captain submitting their line-up to the visiting team.  
*The first set DOES NOT need to be played in order, however the second and third set do.
*Second set will consist of the visiting team submitting their line up to the home team, and the third set will consist of the home team submitting their line up to the visiting team.
*If you have 5 players present and able to shoot, they must be used.  Any fewer will remain a "blank" on the score sheet.  Should a shooter NOT arrive to fill in the "blank", it then becomes a forfeit. 

*All matches will be a straight 15 point scoring system. 
*Players averages will be calculated by dividing the number of games won by the number of games played. 
*If both teams have only 4 players each team will receive a lost point for the 5th player that is missing.
*A Run is pocketing all 7 of your balls in a row, plus 8 ball. If executed immediately following your break, it is considered a Break and Run.

Play Begins
* The flip of a coin by home team will decide who breaks.
* Following the break, the table is considered "open" UNTIL the shooter pockets a "called" shot. 
*If the 8 ball is pocketed on break without the cue ball scratching, it is a win. 
*When the table is "open", a high ball may be shot into a low ball (or vise versa), to determine choice. 
*The 8 ball is not neutral and can only be used if "sandwiched" in between balls or if a ball other than cue is played off the 8. 
*Breaking- 3 balls must hit a rail or a ball must be pocketed for a break to be considered “legal”.  If this does not occur, the same person breaks again as long as he/she doesn’t scratch (maximum of 2 attempts).   If after the 2nd attempt, 3 balls do not hit a rail or a ball does not get pocketed, the break will turn over to the opponent.
* After choice is determined you must hit your own ball first on any shot.
*When shooting, one foot must remain on the floor at all times
* Any ball knocked off table will be spotted and the player will lose his/her turn. The cue ball remains in same position. 
*Anytime 8 ball is knocked off table(on to the floor)it is an automatic loss. 
*If a player puts his/her hand to catch a ball, it is automatic scratch whether cue drops or not. 
*When a scratch occurs and opponent has no balls past the line, they will have the option to have one of their balls spotted.  This ball shall be the one closest to the break/head rail.  In order to execute this option, a shooter must pick up him or her own ball and had it to their opponent to be spotted.  No one other that the shooter shall touch the ball.  This is an option for the shooter, not a must! 
*Following a scratch, the entire object ball must be past the break line to be shot and the cue must be completely behind break line.
* If a ball "hanging" in the pocket should fall before opponent gets to table for his shot, it will count as a completed shot .  Should it fall after opponent is at table, it will be put back to where it was prior to falling. Any other balls accidentally moved (except cue ball) will be put back to nearest prior location.
*Should a shooter unintentionally move another ball on the table, they will be asked to return it to where it was prior to the infraction.  Should they move multiple balls (2 or more) in the same shot, it will result in loss of turn. Balls moved prior to the shot MUST be replaced before the shot can continue.
*No intentional jumping of cue ball(no jumping over balls to make shot)

Coaching and Interference 
*No coaching is allowed during game. The captain of the opposing team must notify the captain of first infraction. The second infraction will result in loss of game. Players shooting game should consider some caution when talking to their team during game or coaching may be called
*When the cue ball is in play, any movement of the cue ball will be considered a shot. Any intentional interference of the table or balls by a player during the game will result in forfeit of game. 
*Any outside interference with tables or balls is an automatic re-rack this applies to non league members.  Should accidental movement of the cue ball, prior to a shot, occur as a direct result of outside interference, the cue ball must be returned to its original spot before play can continue.
*It is legal to use the ferrule when setting the cue ball following a scratch or prior to the break, however, IT IS NOT legal to utilize the tip.  Should the cue ball come in contact with the tip, it will be considered a “shot”.  Please exercise caution when doing this!
* The opposing shooter,  or ANY member of their team may not stand in line of shot of shooter. Stay completely away from table. 
*The opponent may not talk to shooter while they are shooting.

Winning the game
* When you are down to 8 ball, you do not have to hit it nor does it need to go “clean”.  A scratch while shooting at the 8 ball or the 8 ball going into an “uncalled”/wrong pocket, will result in a loss.
*As during normal play, your intended pocket must be called, clearly.

 *Playoffs will consist ALL TEAMS, divided into 2 divisions and will be single elimination. 
*Your playoff placement, including whether you are in the upper or lower division, will be determined by your team average.
*Playoff locations will be determined as follows (1) Higher average team will have home table advantage. If their table is not available then the home team can chose to shoot at the opponents or a neutral location. Should there be an issue with choosing said location,  the board will pick a location which must be at league sponsored location.

*Any rule changes after the start of the season will be discussed and voted on by the Board and league captains.
*Anything not covered by above rules will be handled by the board and newly formed grievance committee, which consists of 5 shooters randomly picked from teams (note players picked must have 5+years in league).