Each player must have played at least 1/3 of the total regular season games to be eligible for playoffs, though special situations may be presented to the board for consideration.  
What this means for this season is that there are 22 weeks of play times 3 available games per week making a total of 66 available games. Each player must have 22 games played by playoffs in order to be able to qualify to play, forfiets do not count tword games played or tword a player average only tword team average.  So remember this when you are setting up each weeks roster, if you have a player low on games you may have to play them 3 times a week to make up his/her games.
To qualify for individual awards, a shooter must have shot at least 1/2 of the regular season games.
*Individual awards will consist of the following:
            League High Average (M/F)
            Most Break and Runs (M/F)
            Most Runs (M/F)
            Most 8s on the Break (M/F)-must have at least 2
Again there are 66 games available meaning a player must have played 33 games during the course of the season to qualify for an individual Trophy.

Final   03/19/2018