We are having some tees and hoodies made ..tees $12...hoodies $20..if interested call John Lombardi at (570) 460-1666
       We will be having a Captain's meeting on Tuesday March 6th at 7:30 pm at the Brookside.
If the Captain of the team can't make it please have one representative of your team there to take notes.

I know it's early in the season but here is a quick reminder of how each player can qualify for individual trophies and be able to play in the Playoffs.
Each player must have played at least 1/3 (to be determined by schedule) of the total regular season games to be eligible for playoffs, though special situations may be presented to the board for consideration.  
What this means for this season is that there are 22 weeks of play times 3 available games per week making a total of 66 available games. Each player must have 22 games played by playoffs in order to be able to qualify to play.  So remember this when you are setting up each weeks roster, if you have a player low on games you may have to play them 3 times a week to make up his/her games.
To qualify for individual awards, a shooter must have shot at least 1/2 (to be determined by schedule) of the regular season games.
*Individual awards will consist of the following:
            League High Average (M/F)
            Most Break and Runs (M/F)
            Most Runs (M/F)
            Most 8s on the Break (M/F)-must have at least 2
Again there are 66 games available meaning a player must have played 33 games during the course of the season to qualify for an individual Trophy.

OK, looks like the Brick Lounge fixed there problems. For those that did not know what was going on, they had 3 players quit the team leaving them with 5. Unfortunately 2 of the 5 players could not play away games as they worked at the Brick. They asked to be allowed to add some players under the hardship rule, luckily they found two new players this week. So welcome aboard David Allen & Steve Gallagher. Also Jimmy Wagoner will be acting as Captain of the team his # is (570) 814-8083

If you are not receiving Emails from the league and would like to be added to the Mailing list you can either send me an email at with your name and Email address or you can go to Contacts & Links menu and click on Mailing List.

Kevin Rivette has stepped up as Captain of the Brick Lounge Team his # is 973-885-5585. They are in need of 2 players to be able to field 5 players each week so if anyone knows of someone who is not currently on a team and would like to get on his team have them contact him or John Lombardi at (570) 460-1666.

Just a reminder when it comes to forfeits. Forfeits count toward team average but not individual averages. What that means is that the Player that gets the win because of a forfeit does not get the win applied to his or her average but the team still gets the win.

The following Players are unpaid and are ineligible to play and been removed from there respective Rosters.
Curt Herman - Speakeasy 3
Marcel Lewis  - Doc's 3
James Turcot - Doc's 3

The Brick Lounge ran into some problems with some of there players and asked to replace them under the Hardship rule.  We are working with them to add some new players so they can keep a team.

This coming monday is your last chance to get your yearly dues in, I will be checking the box on thursday morning so that gives you a few extra days to get your dues in.   After 10/19/2017 any player that is not paid will be removed from the roster and any wins removed.  If you have a problem please contact  John Lombardi at (570) 460-1666 to make other arangements.

(Team bonus points)
A bonus point of 1 point per week is awarded to each team that gets there score sheet to me by Wednesday morning of each week. There are 4 ways to send them to me.
1. You can take a picture of your score sheet at the end of the night and text it to me at 570-350-0101. This is the best way.
2. You can email it to me at
3. You can Fax it to me at (570) 851-3184
4. Drop it off in the box at Doc’s lounge, I check this box on Thursday around 11:00.  Hopefully everyone will text or email it to me so I can start saving the gas driving down to Doc's.
I have been letting some teams slide for the first 2 weeks by awarding a bonus point to both teams even if I only get a score from one of the two teams playing.
From this week on if you don’t send in a score sheet you will not be awarded a bonus point for that week.
It is up to the Captain to make sure this is done even if he does not play that night, make sure that who ever runs your team that night knows what to do with the score sheet.

   There was a mistake with the phone number for the captain of the VFW. The correct number is 804-536-0173

   I updated the score sheet to fit 10 players on it , you can download it and print them out if you need the extra space.

There is a new updated Captains list, Vinnie has decided not to be Captain of the Brookside 2 team and Preston stepped up for the challenge.

Captains Packets will be left at there Sponsor locations tomorrow. All Captains can pick them up there.  All player and Sponsor Fee's are due the first night of play.
I'd also like to welcome the VFW Post 3448 of Tobyhanna onboard. along with Captain Joe Pohlkamp

We are toying around with the idea of a Summer 9-ball session that would begin after the 8-ball session ends. Still played on Monday nights. Just trying to get an idea if there is any interest in it. It would be two separate player fees, but if you are already playing 8-ball the the 9-ball fee would be dramatically discounted. If we get enough teams and players put together then we will proceed with setting this up. Please let us know what you think.